A Bipartisan Fix for the Oil Crisis


As Congress continues to use the energy crisis to advance each parties political agenda, Americans are being financially slain at the pump. In yesterdays Wall Street Journal, Joseph Petrowski’s opinion piece reflects on the current stalemate in Congress.

As president of Gulf Oil, New England’s largest independent petroleum company, and as someone who has spent his life in and around energy markets, I find the tone and substance of the current debate about our energy policy to be profoundly disappointing.

Partisan sides are using a serious crisis to advance political agendas, create political attack sound bites, and launch hearings to “expose” the culprit. Pick your favorite: speculators, Big Oil, environmentalists, China, India, etc.

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Friends, we need to be proactive in our fight against Congress’ bureaucracy. A step in the right direction is for you to sign the American Solutions’ “Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less” petition. Let me urge you to sign this petition and then send it along to others. The only way to communicate a message that something needs to change is to get Americans to act corporately. As of this morning, 1,314,995 people have signed this petition, but this is not enough to get most of these derelict Congressmen to do something. To sign the petition, click here (BTW, on the same page, you can go to a designated link to see if your Congressmen support this petition).

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