About Global Warming

I have heard and listened to a number of sources defending global warming as one of the great evils created by modern man. As I have had the opportunity, I have raised questions about this and have noted that global warming seems to be more about politics than substantive facts. Earlier today, I was intrigued to read that global warming, according to John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, “is the greatest scam in history.” Check out “Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’.”


  1. carpediem365 says

    If you spend anytime at all listening to the BBC, you are overwhelmed at the drumbeat and cadence of the climate change activists. It is populist religion. There must be parallels between mainstream evangelicalism and mainstream environmentalism: We’ve got a devil: America; a works based system of belief: the green lifestyle–you can be your own personal Jesus and save yourself and the planet; we’ve got miracles: global warming can cause both drought and hurricanes; Televangelists; a prolific media; etc….the amount of money being spent on this fiasco is mind boggling.

  2. carpediem365 says

    If you mean a great fuss about something insignificant–yes. We need the watchmen of Messina to catch the villains in the act (really stretching things here)!

  3. Joseph Coates says

    For what it is worth, it’s interesting to note that the scientific community once held to global cooling. While there has been an increase in pollution in the past three decades, such a reversal seems indicate that there is insufficient scientific data to support an argument for global warming/cooling. For a example of a global cooling argument, see this 1975 Newsweek article.

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