Ancient Protein “Resurrected”? – Answers in Genesis


In late August, an article in the Higher Education section of The News & Observer entitled “Study maps evolution’s tiny steps: UNC researchers outline molecular changes, rebutting the creationist view” caught my attention. The lead paragraph magnanimously sets forth that “for the first time, scientists have drawn a detailed map of the evolutionary steps taken by a protein that links modern humans to a creature that swam in the oceans 450 million years ago.” The article gleefully continues, “The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, provides further rebuttal to creationists by filling in the gaps that show how evolution occurred on a molecular level.” This evolutionary map that traces humanity’s heritage back 450 million years sounds so preposterous you must wonder whether the conclusions drawn from this project were driven more by the researchers’ presuppositions or indisputable data. Dr. Georgia Purdom, with Answers in Genesis, incisively demonstrates that the real issue was not the evidence but the a priori assumptions of the researches. Take time to read Dr. Purdom’s constructive article, “Ancient Protein ‘Resurrected’?

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