Which Law Will Prevail in Dearborn, MI: US Constitution or Sharia Law?


You may remember from my post yesterday that it appears that Sharia Law is being enforced in Dearborn, MI. I was glad to see last night that “the leader of an Arab Christian evangelical group filed suit against the city of Dearborn, Mich., claiming the city violated his First Amendment right to distribute literature on public property.” Though it looks like this appears to be a different group than the Acts 17 Apologetics ministry group that I had documented in yesterday’s post, it is nevertheless good to see at least another Christian group appealing the constitutional rights of the city of Dearborn to relegate their group’s activity to distribute literature only at one location within the festival. As far as Dearborn, MI is concerned, I am not certain about which law will control the city: the US Constitution or Sharia law. To continue this unfolding story, read “Arab Christian Group Claims First Amendment Rights Denied On Public Property.”

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Is Sharia Law Being Enforced in Dearborn, MI?


Is Sharia Law Being Enforced in Dearborn, MI? It certainly looks like it is at the 2009 Arab Festival in Dearborn. Check out what happened to some members of the Acts 17 Apologetics ministry: If you are an American, you should be distressed over what goes in this video. However, isn’t it great for Muslims to have friends in the White House? So much for following the United States Constitution!

Will America Again Be Hit with a Terrorist Attack


Will America again be hit with a terrorist attack? I hope not! But meetings like this one in Chicago yesterday tell me that I should not bet the farm that we will not be hit again. Though our president has bonded with the Islamic community, we should be thankful for our military and other protestors of Islamic terrorism. Check out “Protesters Gather Outside Islamic Conference Near Chicago

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