Christian Aerospace Engineer Who Takes Genesis Literally


This picture of an astronaut on the moon is from NASA.

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, with Creation Ministries International, interviews Michael Tigges, a Senior Aerospace Engineer with NASA and recipient of the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, about his views of outer space and Genesis (this interview was originally published in the journal Creation 28 [December 2005–February 2006], pp. 28–31). This is a great interview that shows there is a difference between operational science and the modern debate about origins. According to Tigges, which side of the creation-evolution debate a scientist embraces affects virtually no aspect of operational science, such as the flight of planes and spacecrafts. However, he maintains that mixing creation and evolution has serious consequences on a person’s walk with Christ. As a young earth creationist, Tigges shows that one can hold to a literal interpretation of Genesis and still be an effective scientist. Check out the article at

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