Creationism Links


For those of you who are interested in Biblical Creationism, I checked out two interesting links this morning. Initially, I read the current issue of Acts & Facts. As always, there are a number of significant articles that I would recommend for you to read. Because of my interest in Biblical Creationism, the lead article, “Capitulating on Creation: Changing the truth of God into a lie” by Lawrence Ford, is a challenge to our generation since many evangelical leaders have compromised the literal and historical fabric of Genesis 1-2.

Perhaps, the most helpful anti-evolutionary website is Dave Coppedge’s Creation-Evolution Headlines. I came across this website almost a year ago and, because of its substance, added it to my RSS feed list. When I had the privilege of getting to know Dave on a white-water rafting trip in late June (for more information on Dave, go here and here), he was one of our leaders and displayed an impressive knowledge of science and most specifically about Saturn. You do not want to miss today’s headline: “Vice Presidential Candidates: You Have a Choice.”

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