Discernment and the Presidential Election in 2008

Since I have neither listened to all the debates by the Republican presidential hopefuls nor have I read all the Republican experts, I need to do more research to determine which Republican meets my basic moral objectives. Though I doubt that Mike Huckabee could generate the necessary Republican support for the presidential nomination, he seemingly has the moral values that I like. However, the reality is that Rudy Guilliani has the potential to get the Republican nomination. If Guilliani should get the Republican nod, what is the Christian to do with his vote? A coalition of conservative Christians, lead by men such as Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, is threatening to back a third-party candidate. Should Bible believers look for a third-party candidate? Before you make a decision to vote for a third-party candidate, you should read Justin Taylor’s brief, yet provocative and insightful article that he posted on October 10: Between Two Worlds: Guiliani vs. Clinton: What Should Pro-Lifers Do If It Comes Down to Two Pro-Choice Candidates? We live in a sin-cursed world and God expects us to be salt and light in a pluralistic culture. So we must vote in such a way to preserve the best long-range good for our culture (a failure to vote is unwise stewardship). And, our vote must factor in not only a candidate’s position on abortion but also, though not limited to, the type of judges he will appoint. May God grant that we vote with discernment in 2008.

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