“Evening and Morning”


Advocates of non-literal interpretations of Genesis 1 often support their position by contending that the first three days of the creation week could not have been literal since it is impossible to have a literal evening and morning without the presence of the Sun, which was not created until Day 4. In his brief article opposing a figurative understanding of the creation days, Andrew S. Kulikovsky explains that God created a temporary light source to separate “light” from “darkness” on the first three days of creation and provides a contextual argument that “the term ‘evening’ refers to the beginning of the period when God was inactive, and the term ‘morning’ refers to the termination of God’s inactivity and the beginning of the next day’s work.” With this contextual argument “the occurrence of evenings and mornings before the creation of the Sun on Day 4 provides no reason to doubt the truth of Scripture in general and the Creation account in particular.” Check out his helpful article “Evenings and Mornings.”

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