Evidence Incompatible with an Old Earth

“Believe it or not, methods to ‘date’ the earth as being very old just don’t add up. For a start, the various methods contradict one another, and are often contradicted by the evidence itself.” As Tas Walker continues, “ten-year-old rock from a volcanic lava flow on Mount St Helens, USA, gave a radiometric age of 350,000 years. Minerals from the same samples gave an age of 2.8 million years.”

Whatever else may be said about the evidence from Mount St. Helens, the observable information clearly dates the volcanic rock as ten years old. An apparent problem for this type of evidence is that it is incompatible with the reigning view about cosmogony in Western cultures, which estimates the age of the earth to be billions of years. According to this hypothesis, an old earth is coordinate with conventional scientific thought. However, Walker provides other geological evidence suggesting that the evidence drawn upon to support an old earth cannot be consistently used to maintain this hypothesis. After presenting some geological evidence that contradicts an old earth, Walker maintains that “scientists cannot measure the age of the earth directly but base their estimate on how they imagine the world formed.” To consider some of this evidence, read his article “Believe it or not—the earth is young

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