Fall Semester 2008

The fall semester at Detroit Baptist Seminary began on August 28. At this point, we have been in class for three weeks. Here are a few pictures of the people in my class.

The first picture is from my first year Pentateuch class. Do you see anyone you know?


The following two pictures are taken of my Elementary Hebrew class as the students take one of the many quizzes that I have promised to give them. This is a diligent-looking group. In the second picture, can you identify the football mug in the picture?



As far as Old Testament studies go at DBTS, the “iron men” award goes to the men taking Rapid Hebrew Reading. This is the most intense class that I teach. For those in the ThM program, a student is required to memorize all the words in the Hebrew Bible occurring ten or more times (approximately 2,150 lexemes) and to translate approximately 850 verses. In the picture below, I caught the men in a good mood right after a rigorous day in class. How do you like the computers that two of the men have?



  1. CWatson says

    It’s good to see Peter still sticking out seminary. Tell him I said, “Hello.”

    I believe that I’ll be in your Koheleth class this winter for ThD work. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Bob McCabe says

    Thanks for the comment, Chris.

    Yes, Peter is hanging in Rapid Hebrew Reading. This will be a tough semester, however. Some of the men who have taken Rapid Hebrew Reading call it “the mother of all Hebrew courses at DBTS.”

    I am working on the course requirements for the Ecclesiastes Seminar. If you are able to take the seminar, I believe you should find it interesting. Whether you are in the seminar or not, I would enjoy meeting you in person in January.

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