Final Thoughts on MACP


Yesterday, this year’s Mid-America Conference on Preaching (“Learning from the Past, Pressing toward the Future“) was brought to a great conclusion with a good banquet followed by Dr. Doug McLachlan’s great message on 1 Timothy 3:15. Over 230 attended this year’s MACP. This year’s speakers included Drs. Doug McLachlan, Mark Minnick, Sam Horn, Dave Saxon, David Doran, along with the faculty of DBTS.

For a list of workshops that were presented this year, you may look at these as well as downloading them from DBTS‘s website. This year, I presented a workshop entitled “An Overview of Ecclesiastes.” I took a couple of pictures of those brave souls who had an interest in figuring out why Ecclesiastes is in the Bible. Judging by the pictures, a few took seriously the motif in Ecclesiastes that encourages us to judiciously enjoy life.



The primary focus of the MACP is to further train and encourage those who serve in pastoral roles in local churches by focusing on timely themes and subjects related to preaching. However, the MACP is multifaceted. Each year DBTS has an official alumni meeting on Thursday of the MACP. Information about the Alumni Association is found on DBTS’s website. In addition, the MACP has also become a way of introducing the ministry of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary to prospective seminary students. The MACP gives interested people a chance to become acquainted with the seminary’s faculty, other students and pastors, to get a first-hand impression of the seminary’s facilities, and those of Inter-City Baptist Church. Each Friday of the MACP, students are invited to participate in a special luncheon with the faculty. Here are a few pictures of the students who came to yesterday’s luncheon.







In order to take advantage of the opportunity that the MACP provides, check out the seminary’s special note to prospective students. Now is the time to begin thinking about next year’s MACP on October 16-17, 2008.


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