Mike Huckabee the last “right” candidate

After yesterday’s MACP, I wanted to check out the Cleveland and Boston baseball game. Later in the game when Boston seemed to be clearly in control of the game, I turned on FoxNews to listen to Bill O’Reilly interview Dick Morris about the Republican presidential race (apparently the Indians were also taking a break from the game, though I doubt they were listening to Bill O’Reilly). According to Morris, Mike Huckabee has moved ahead of McCain in Iowa. Morris noted that Huckabee is the last right wing conservative left in the Republican field. Check out Morris’ article “Huckabee is the Right Wings’ Last Survivor.” It is unlikely that a candidate as conservative as Huckabee and with a last name like Huckabee could get the Republican nod. However, he is refreshing to listen to and is picking up some support, as may be reflected by NYT’s David Brooks’ article. For years, I have asked myself: “Can anything politically good come out of Arkansas?” Perhaps, I may have to stop asking this question.


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    Hi Jon, though I need to do more research on the candidates and I still have reservations on some of Guiliani’s moral views, I could conceive of this ticket winning the 2008 election. Guiliani would carry moderate Republicans and Huckabee the conservatives. One fact to me is clear, it will be a nightmare as far as judicial appointments are concerned, if the James Dobson approach carries the day of voting for a third party candidate. Remember Ross Perot!

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