News to Note, November 10, 2007 – Answers in Genesis


Answers in Genesis’s weekly News to Note, November 10, 2007 calls attention to a BBC report from November 7: “Man kills eight at Finnish school.” According to the BBC news, eighteen-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed eight people and wounded at least ten others at a high school in southern Finland. Next, the gunman shot himself in the head and subsequently died in a hospital as a result of his wounds. Describing himself as a “social Darwinist” in a video he had posted at YouTube (which subsequently was removed), Auvinen had determined to eliminate all those who did not meet his criteria of fitness. AIG’s News to Note observes that Auvinen’s Darwinist presuppositions seem to have provided a justification for this massacre. For a more thorough elaboration on this tragedy’s linkage with Darwinism, read Brodie Hodge’s biblically informed article “Finland School Shootings: The Sad Evolution Connection.” Check out this brief article and follow the links in it(Via .)

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