PhD Creation Seminar


This week I am leading the first part of a biblical creation seminar for PhD students at Central Baptist Seminary in Plymouth, MN. Today was our first day of class. We met for 7 to 8 hours and our interaction with multiple sources was good.

The seminar involves everyone doing a critique of multiple sources totaling 3,709 pages as well as each participant writing six short papers. If you are interested in looking at course requirements, go here.

I was encouraged by our seminar participation today and feel like we are off to a great start. In addition, it is great to see that Central Baptist Seminary like Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is promoting a biblically-based approach to young-earth creationism.

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    Sounds good brother.
    If your folks want to see how theistic evolutionists on the lay level argue their case, tell your students to drop by the comments of the GTY blog and read through the various posts and comments from April to July. It would show them how these folks think.

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