Rapid Hebrew Reading, M.Div.

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Instructor: R. V. McCabe, Th.D. Fall Semester

Course Outline 2008

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A course designed to increase the student???s ability in translating the Hebrew text. Emphasis is given to translating extended sections from various genres found in the Old Testament. Attention is also given to learning all words that occur twenty-five or more times in the Hebrew text, while also learning words that occur less than twenty-five times when they are associated with a cognate word occurring more than twenty-five times.


In this course, the student???s proficiency in translation will increase by

1. translating selections from various genres in the Hebrew Bible and

2. memorizing an extended number of Hebrew lexemes, approximately 1,380.


1. Quizzes: Weekly vocabulary quizzes will be administered over the assigned vocabulary lessons. There are 13 lessons that average 106 words per lesson. Each of the 13 quizzes will contain 20 words that are primarily taken from the corresponding lesson, though previously covered words may also appear on the quiz. In short, the quizzes will be cumulative???35% of grade.

2. Translation:

a. Checked homework. At the beginning of each class period, the completion of each assigned translation will be checked on a specified sheet with the student???s name and a list of the translation assignments. Next to each assignment will be three boxes. The first box will be labeled ???yes,??? the next box ???half,??? and the final box ???no.??? The student will check whichever box accurately reflects how much of the work he actually did. The student starts with a 100% for this portion of his semester grade. For every no response that he places on his homework record sheet, he will loose 2% from his 100% grade; and for every half response, he will loose 1% from his 100% grade???10% of grade.

b. Graded translation. An MDiv student is required to translate the entirety of each week???s translation assignment; however, his actual grade will primarily be based on each week???s oral assignment when requested to orally participate???55% of grade


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