Understanding the Psalms, 126: M.Div.

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
Instructor: R. V. McCabe, Th.D. Summer Semester
Course Outline 2008


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A course designed to assist in developing a greater appreciation for the Old Testament
worship manual, the Psalms. This course looks at the historical development and the
organization of the Psalter. It also aims to use the various literary genres found in the Psalms
as paradigms for further study and worshipful reading in the book of Psalms.


In this course the student should

  1. have an understanding of the historical development of the Psalms,
  2. have an understanding of the organization of the book of Psalms,
  3. become acquainted with the genres found in the Psalms along with some key psalms associated with each genre, and
  4. acquire an appreciation for the message of the psalms studied.


  1. Quizzes: At the beginning of each class, a quiz over the notes from the previous day, which includes the content from an English translation, may be administered???90% of grade.
  2. Reading requirement: The reading assignment for this class is due on Friday, August 1, 2008???10% of grade.


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