Surgeon with a mission


Creation on the Web has recently posted an interesting interview with Christian surgeon, Dr. Vij Sodera. This interview was initially done by Philip Bell and Tim Matthews, and appeared in the magazine Creation (29 [December 2006]: 52–54).

Dr. Sodera was born in India and has resided in England since he was four years old. He went to school at St Clement Danes Grammar School in London, while gaining major scholastic awards for academic achievement and art, and he graduated with distinction in chemistry from Sheffield University Medical School in 1975. In 1981 Dr. Sodera became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. For 19 years he was in charge of a Minor Injuries Department in West Sussex and has run, since 1987, his own private Minor Surgery clinic, “The White Lodge Clinic.” He has also written a formidable book, One Small Speck to Man: the Evolution Myth (Vija Sodera Productions, 2003).

The Surgeon’s mission is “to make the evolution myth extinct.” As Bell and Matthews continue their interview, they note that the subtitle of his book the Evolution Myth implies “that evolutionists believe something that they cannot prove—and more importantly, something that is not supported by the evidence. In Dr. Sodera’s own words: “I wanted to produce a book that was full of scientific, logical arguments coupled with plenty of images to challenge the reader. True scientists should look at all the evidence—even the evidence they don’t like—and accept what it points to. Of course, if people choose to willfully reject God, then it doesn’t matter how much they know—there will be a fatal void in their thinking.”

To read this intriguing interview with Dr. Sodera, click Surgeon with a Mission.”

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