Defending Biblical Origins


Since I began doing research and teaching on biblical creationism, I have at times been disappointed because of the seeming evangelical indifference toward the subject of origins. However, I have been pleased to see a few evangelical voices speak with clarity about the importance of this biblical issue. The winter edition of Southern Seminary Magazine addresses the topic of cosmogony and its foundational significance for a Christian worldview. This tenet is that our Triune God created the heavens and earth ex nihilo, “out of nothing.”

The following articles in this magazine relate to this basic tenet.

“The New Shape of the Debate” by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

“The New Atheism and the Dogma of Darwinism” by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

“All Things Dark and Terrible: Our Fearful Fascination With Wild Things and Other Monsters of God” by Russell D. Moore

“Evolution and Creation in Higher Education” by Mark T. Coppenger

“Creation and American Christianity” by Greg A. Wills

To read this issue of the Southern Seminary Magazine, click here.

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