The Rationale for Using Apologetics in Creation Evangelism


One of the recent creationist websites that I regularly read is Creation on the Web. An article caught my attention last night with its opening paragraph. “A creationist inquirer plays devil’s advocate and asks why we bother with apologetics, or defending the faith, at all, whether presuppositionalist or evidentialist. Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds, pointing out the biblical commands to defend the faith, as well as examples in Scripture. And we show examples of many people coming to faith in Christ after honest questions were answered. Conversely, refusal to answer honest questions helps feed the sceptical claim that Christians really have no answers.” While Dr. Sarfati’s response goes back to 2005, Creation on the Web posted it yesterday and it is still relevant in 2008.

Dr. Sarfati is one of the creationist defenders from whom I have greatly profited. He has been prolific in his defense of young earth creationism, as reflected by his bibliography. On a number of occasions, I have highly recommended his DVD entitled “Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use.” In addition, I use his book Refuting Compromise for a class that I teach on Biblical Creationism. To read his response, click “Why use apologetics for evangelism?

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