Was There Rain Before the Global Flood?


While I was writing the second part of my journal article, “A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Week,” I developed some reservations about whether or not the water vapor canopy was necessary for young-earth creationism. Subsequently, I came to the conclusion that it was not (to read more, click here, here, and here). Dr. Tommy Mitchell explains why the water vapor canopy hypothesis is not an argument to use. To read this helpful article, go to “There Was No Rain Before the Flood.”

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  1. says

    You sure this isn't the first step towards liberalism in the seminaries? I don't know….I mean what's next? 3 guys wrote Job? Perhaps it's true what they say…..modernism always springs up from the OT guys! ????

    (Just kidding!)

    Straight Ahead Gamaliel!


    • says

      Glad to hear from you, Joel. And, I knew that you were only kidding.

      The truth is that I embraced the water vapor canopy for years but when I was doing exegesis on Genesis 2:5-6 back in 2006, I came to the conclusion that this passage only says that no rain had fallen before the creation of Adam.


  2. Joel Tetreau says

    So you came to this view back in 2006 and you're only now sharing this information 4 years later? So what else are you holding back…….hummmmm!?


    • says

      Since I am not the Pope, I have not claimed to speak ex cathedra. I began questioning the water vapor canopy back in 2006. My early questions did not blossom until I went white water rafting back in 2008. Further, I have always reserved the right to change my mind when convinced by Scripture. Rather than thinking of me as holding something back, it is better to think that I was not willing to express my developing thoughts until I am convinced they are biblical and right.

      Thanks for your comments, Joel.


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