Coming to America


Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI made his first trip to the United States. And, of course he received much media attention as should be expected in light of his opposition to Islam, baptism of a Muslim convert at Easter, his opposition to secularism, and his unwavering commitment to the Roman Catholic Church. According to Dr. Albert Mohler, “The Roman Catholic Church believes that evangelicals are in spiritual danger for obstinately and disobediently excluding ourselves from submission to its universal claims and its papacy. Evangelicals are concerned that Catholics are in spiritual danger for their submission to these very claims. We both understand what is at stake.” This should not surprise any Christian. After all, the Pope is Catholic! What are some basic issues that a believer should know about the Pope and how should we respond to him? To answer these types of questions, a good place to start is by reading Al Mohler’s “The Pope Comes to America — Evangelical Thoughts.”

Turning Loved Ones into Diamonds


How long does it take to create a quality diamond? “For many people, the value of a diamond is partially wrapped up in the belief that they are millions of years old,” as Richard Fangrad begins his article posted at Creation on the Web. “However, a company called LifeGem, has found a way to manufacture diamonds in as short as six months using the carbon found in the cremated remains of people. Even your pets can now be turned into beautiful blue, yellow or clear diamonds.” I never thought of turning any of our deceased three dogs into diamonds, however. When each dog expired, I was convinced that they would only return to dust. If I had done more research, I could have turned them into diamonds. From my perspective, perish the thought! As Fangrad continues in his article, “Rapidly-formed diamonds are yet another example of something commonly thought to require millions of years but observed to happen rapidly. Science involves making observations, but no one has ever observed anything taking millions of years.” In the final analysis, quality diamonds are not in conflict with a recent creation. To clear up any questions you might have about how long it takes to form a good diamond, check out “Diamonds in days (actually, minutes!).”

The Mask Slips – New York Times


While a vote for Barack Obama is definitely not on my radar screen because of his extremely liberal voting record (Hillary Clinton’s record is similar), I fear that a few naive Christians may be swayed by Obama’s etherial rhetoric. At this point, you have probably heard about his April 6 speech in San Francisco. The questionable line in this speech is this: “It’s not surprising then that they [small-town, working-class voters] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Does this line from Obama’s speech reflect that he is an elitist? Or even worse, has Marxist tendencies? In today’s New York Times, Bill Kristol give his opinion about Obama’s speech. Check out his insightful analysis The Mask Slips – New York Times.

Introduction to a critique of nucleosynthesis theory


Yesterday, Creation on the Web posted Dr. Jonathan Henry‘s critique of the nucleosynthesis theory (originally published in 2006 in Journal of Creation). According to Dr. Henry, “The cosmic H/He ratio and temperature of the cosmic background radiation (CBR) are supposed to match predictions of nucleosynthesis theory (NST). However, model ‘predictions’ were in fact retrodictions. With the failure of NST to account for elemental origins and abundances, theorists are in the position of a century ago, when physicists such as James Maxwell claimed that the existence of the elements points to creation.” To read more about how the elements of the universe suggest a creationist model, click here.