MacArthur: Evolution and Ethics



John MacArthur continues his articles exposing the destructive influence of Darwinism on society. Starting with Thomas Huxley, he shows how philosophies generated from Darwin’s ideas lay the foundation for moral relativism and, most significantly for today, the amoral approach to life that permeates the Western world: “The simple fact of the matter is that all the philosophical fruits of Darwinism have been negative, ignoble, and destructive to the very fabric of society. Not one of the major twentieth-century revolutions led by post-Darwinian philosophies ever improved or ennobled any society. Instead, the chief social and political legacy of Darwinian thought is a full spectrum of evil tyranny with Marx-inspired communism at one extreme and Nietzsche-inspired fascism at the other. And the moral catastrophe that has disfigured modern Western society is also directly traceable to Darwinism and the rejection of the early chapters of Genesis.” Read “Evolution and Ethics

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