Our Day at the Creation Museum


Last Tuesday morning I spoke to the staff at Answers in Genesis. I integrated a presentation about the ministry of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary with a brief message from Psalm 104:31–35. After chapel, we spent the day touring the Creation Museum. Besides meeting some of the people who work at the museum, we enjoyed a walk through biblical history, Noah’s ark construction site, and the dinosaur den. What fascinated me most was the Stargazer’s Planetarium. As I reclined under the dome, I was amazed by the digital technology that guided us through outer space.

Along with with our visit, my wife and I had a great evening on Monday as we ate dinner at the home of Dr. & Mrs. Terry Mortenson (the above picture is of Dr. Mortenson & I in the museum). They are gracious and engaging people. So we had a delightful time getting to know them better.

We had a profitable time at the museum. I would highly recommend that you plan a trip to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.

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