Towards a Solution to US Energy Woes


This morning I read a few more articles about Congressional gridlock on the issue of utilizing American oil resources. According to Bill Steigerwald of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the federal Minerals Management Service estimates that “86 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are locked up and untouchable just off our shores.” Locked up by whom? It is neither the UN nor big oil companies. It is our Congress. As Steigerwald, goes on to note “Rep. John Peterson, a Republican from upstate Pennsylvania whose crusade to fix America’s broken energy policy has brought him the interplanetary enmity of environmentalists, has made it his mission to slay that foolish rider.” The only thing that Peterson wants “to do is get Congress to allow America to do what every other sensible modern country on Earth from Norway to New Zealand has been doing for decades — open our deep-sea energy reserves to safe, environmentally sensitive development.” To continue reading this article, go to Drill now, drill here, pay less – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.” After you finish reading this article, check out this video from the Wall Street Journal. Finally and more importantly, after you have read the cited article in this post and have viewed the short video, I highly recommend that you sign this petition and join the 787,593 people who have already signed this petition. Friends, we may have some fools in Congress but we not need share in their foolishness.


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