Turning Loved Ones into Diamonds


How long does it take to create a quality diamond? “For many people, the value of a diamond is partially wrapped up in the belief that they are millions of years old,” as Richard Fangrad begins his article posted at Creation on the Web. “However, a company called LifeGem, has found a way to manufacture diamonds in as short as six months using the carbon found in the cremated remains of people. Even your pets can now be turned into beautiful blue, yellow or clear diamonds.” I never thought of turning any of our deceased three dogs into diamonds, however. When each dog expired, I was convinced that they would only return to dust. If I had done more research, I could have turned them into diamonds. From my perspective, perish the thought! As Fangrad continues in his article, “Rapidly-formed diamonds are yet another example of something commonly thought to require millions of years but observed to happen rapidly. Science involves making observations, but no one has ever observed anything taking millions of years.” In the final analysis, quality diamonds are not in conflict with a recent creation. To clear up any questions you might have about how long it takes to form a good diamond, check out “Diamonds in days (actually, minutes!).”

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