Two–day Mid-America Conference on Preaching

The Mid-America Conference on Preaching is planned by Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and held at Inter-City Baptist Church. The MACP has been held annually since 1991. The title of this year’s conference is “Learning from the Past, Pressing toward the Future” and will be on October 18–19. Now is the time to begin making plans for this year’s conference. For more information go to


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    I am doing a workshop on an “Overview of Ecclesiastes.” This may seem a little tangential to conference’s theme; however, Ecclesiastes has some bearing on learning from the past and planning for the future (such as Ecc 1:9-11, Ecc 11:1-6, Ecc 12:1-7).

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    Nice save, Dr. McCabe.

    Of course, the upside to having a vague title is the ability to get many things under its umbrella. Ecclesiastes was written in the past but your workshop is still (as of this writing) in the future.

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