Sunspot Records and the Earth


I have been skeptical of global warming for some time now (“About Global Warming“). And, it concerns me that our tax dollars are going to be squandered on this issue and that our major news media sources have ignored the connection between the earth’s climate and the sun. Though many news media outlets appear to be in the tank with the Obama administration and its quest to save us from anthropogenic global warming, there are some key dissenting voices which return to the issue of the connection between the earth’s climate and sunspots. For more information on this connection, see Corey Jones’ “Earth Approaching Sunspot Records.”

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  1. Tim Scott says

    The global warming/save the planet issue illustrates just how far Europe and the United States have gone from a Christian worldview. We worship the creation rather than the Creator. It is also amazing how these environmentalists refuse to even consider alternative explanations for “global warming” such as sunspots. It just illustrates their intellectual dishonesty. I cannot believe that it is good public policy to spend millions when the scientific community can’t agree on the cause.

  2. Bob McCabe says

    Your remarks, Tim, about worshiping “the creation rather than the Creator” sounds like Paul in Romans 1. God has apparently turned the US over to the hardness of our hearts.

    The so-called environmentalist movement is wrong on two accounts. First, there is good scientific support that global warming zealots have not factored in the significance of the sun (for support, go here, here and here). Second, and more importantly, it is not biblical and ignores the clear teaching of Genesis 8:22 (click here).

    Unfortunately, because of the foolishness of our President (I didn’t vote for him!) and Congressmen, the American public will have to pay for their unbelieving and arrogant ways. Further, with the loss of objectivity among the major news media sources (excluding Fox News), people will not be able to readily discover the “rest of the news” to offset the propaganda being spread by the global warming “mullahs,” at least not until it is too late.

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