All Good Things Must Come to an End



When I was growing up outside Pittsburgh, PA (yes, I am still an avid Steelers fan), I was heavily involved in Boy Scouts for seven years and spent a few memorable summers camping in the hills of western PA. I enjoyed living in a tent for weeks at a time, including two summers living for about eight consecutive weeks in a tent. Each summer, I lamented when my camping experiences came to an end. After a few of my summers, I still remember my mother stoically quoting a proverb, “All good things must come to an end.” My mother used this adapted proverb to describe the end of a memorable and enjoyable time.

This spring semester was notably gratifying because I completed my 26th year of teaching at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. While my schedule of classes was full (for the spring schedule, click here), I enjoy teaching more with each passing year. The two pictures above are of a portion of my Elementary Hebrew class taking their final exam. As you can see, a couple of students recognized that I decided to make the exam a “kodak moment.”

This semester was also rewarding because I led a doctoral level PhD seminar on the book of Ecclesiastes at Central Baptist Theological Seminary (check out the seminar requirements). The picture below is of the the two students in the seminar, Gelu Pacurar and Tim Little (check out my earlier post), and me. Gelu and Tim successfully completed the seminar in mid-April.


While good semesters come to an end, I am glad the semester has ended because this was one of my most demanding ones.

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Now a Creationist–Jonathan Sarfati



Dr. Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International is pictured above. He is a key scholars in the modern biblical creation movement (aka, young earth creationism). I have used his books and articles in my class and various seminars on Biblical Creationism. An informative article about how Dr. Sarfati became a biblical creationist has been posted again (originally posted in 2005). It would be profitable for you to read how a scholar of his magnitude with a secular upbringing and education became a staunch supporter of biblical creationism. Check out “Now a Creationist.” In addition, you would be wise to read the concluding bibliography and pick up some of his books and articles.