Coming to Grips with Genesis


In November Coming to Grips with Genesis will be made available by its publisher, Master Books. I am excited about the publication of this book for a couple of reasons. First, the content of the book is aimed to provide a readable, academic defense of key biblical subjects related to the age of the earth. This book is made up fourteen chapters written by scholars from various ministries, all of whom share a commitment to young-earth creationism. The book is targeted for seminary and Bible college professors and students.

Second, the purpose of this book is to provide a collection of essays to honor Dr. John C. Whitcomb, Jr. With the publication of the Genesis Flood in 1961, Dr. Whitcomb and co-author, Dr. Henry M. Morris, became catalytic figures in reviving young-earth creationism. The fourteen different authors who contributed to this book have made other contributions to recent creationism and have been influenced by the ministry of Dr. Whitcomb. Because I had Dr. Whitcomb as a professor at Grace Theological Seminary and have also done some writing on biblical creationism, I was asked to contribute the chapter that evaluates the framework interpretation of the creation account. Because I have read so much of Dr. Whitcomb’s material as well as having a great appreciation for his instruction as a seminary professor and godly example (check out DBTS‘s 2007 William R. Rice Lecture Series), I am delighted to be able to dedicate my chapter to him.

Here is the arrangement of the content of Coming to Grips with Genesis.


Terry Mortenson

Thane H. Ury

Publisher: Master Books

Chapters and Authors


Henry M. Morris


John MacArthur


The Editors

1. The Church Fathers on Creation, the Flood, and the Age of the Earth

James R. Mook

2. A Brief Overview of the Exegesis of Genesis 1-11: Luther to Lyell

David W. Hall

3. ???Deep Time??? and the Church???s Compromise: Historical Background

Terry Mortenson

4. Is Nature the 67th Book of the Bible?

Richard L. Mayhue

5. Contemporary Hermeneutical Approaches to Genesis 1-11

Todd S. Beall

6. The Genre of Genesis 1:1-2:3: What Means This Text?

Steven W. Boyd

7. Can Deep Time Be Embedded into Genesis?

Trevor Craigen

8. A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Week

Robert V. McCabe

9. Noah’s Flood and its Geological Implications

William D. Barrick

10. Do the Genesis 5 & 11 Genealogies Contain Gaps?

Travis R. Freeman

11. Jesus??? View of the Age of the Earth

Terry Mortenson

12. Apostolic Witness to Genesis Creation and the Flood

Ron Minton

13. Whence Cometh Death? A Biblical Theology of Physical Death and Natural Evil

James Stambaugh

14. Luther, Calvin, and Wesley on the Genesis of Natural Evil

Thane H. Ury


The Editors


1. Biography & Bibliography of Dr. John C. Whitcomb, Jr.

Paul J. Scharf

2. Affirmations and Denials on Creation and the Age of the Earth

3. Recommended Resources for Further Study





About the Authors

To find out more information about ordering Coming to Grips with Genesis, go to the New Leaf Publishing Group. If you live in the Allen Park area of Michigan, a copy of this this book may be purchased at the Inter-City Christian Bookstore, 4635 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI 48101 (phone number: 313 383-6110).

Could a Socialist Be Elected as US President?


While I have previously expressed my concerns about Barack Obama being the most liberal presidential candidate in US history (here and here), there is also good evidence to show that in 1996 he was a member of the New Party, a far-left organization established by members of the Democratic Socialists of America. Is it possible that Obama is a socialist trying to hide his identity? Would our mainstream media purposefully suppress this type of information? Whatever else may be said about the mainstream media, have you seen them publish any information about this? To be more fully informed, you should start by reading two articles at Power Line: “Barack Obama, Socialist?” and “Barack Obama, Socialist? Part II“. Before you vote, vote for a third-party candidate (?) or decide not to vote (?) in November, you should read these two articles so that you can vote intelligently.

“Ben Stein’s Confession— on Christian Religion in the Public Sphere”

Though I have not seen Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, I have ordered a pre-release of the DVD that will be available on October 21 . Because he provides a valuable criticism of the rampant prejudice in many government-funded universities in the US, I consider this a must-see movie (for some earlier reactions that I posted on my blog, click here and here). I am looking forward to watching this movie to see if it matches my expectations.

From what I have read about Ben Stein, he has provided some helpful moral commentaries on our society. Because of his Jewish background, his commentaries generally capture my interest. His CBS Morning News Commentary is no exception. Ben Witherington has posted his column and it is an interesting read: Ben Stein’s Confession— on Christian Religion in the Public Sphere