Obama Suppresses the Truth That Anthropogenic Global Warming Is a Hoax


Will Americans be told the truth that the global warming hypothesis is a hoax? As long as Obama has his way, it is highly unlikely that the general public will know the truth that current scientific research disproves the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis. To see how non-transparent the “most transparent administration” in US history is, you should read “Obama’s EPA Quashes Climate Change Science” and the cited documents.

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Preparing for Malachi 2:10-16


I am teaching an English Bible class on Haggai and Malachi. In preparing to cover Malachi 2:10???16 tomorrow, I checked out Dr. David Instone-Brewers website (in October of 2007, I did couple of introductory posts on this subject, go here and here). While I have used a number of books on marriage and divorce, I have used with profit a couple of his books: Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible: The Social and Literary Context and Divorce And Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities. Though there are many complexities on the subject of biblical marriage and divorce that results in disagreements among informed believers, Dr. Instone-Brewer, Senior Research Fellow at Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK, is an expert in Rabbinics and New Testament. So he has much to contribute on this subject. One interesting feature on Dr. Instone-Brewer’s website is his reference to a series of short video presentations on this subject. To watch these, go to the Playmobible.

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