Jonah & Nahum: Summer 2010


During the weeks of June 1-11, I am teaching an English Bible class on Jonah & Nahum. The class is set up for Master of Divinity and Master of Theology students. The major difference between the two groups is that the prerequisite for ThM students is an MDiv degree. As far as class work is concerned, ThM students must do additional work, such as writing a critical book review and being able to translate on sight the books of Jonah and Nahum from a Hebrew Old Testament.

My class is one of six that are being taught this semester. Our summer school classes are set up so that two classes are taught over a two-week period followed by two subsequent two-week periods of classes. Below is DBTS’s summer school schedule for 2010.

Summer School 2010

If you are enrolled in my class or have an interest in Jonah & Nahum, you can download a copy of the requirements by going here.

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