Coming to America


Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI made his first trip to the United States. And, of course he received much media attention as should be expected in light of his opposition to Islam, baptism of a Muslim convert at Easter, his opposition to secularism, and his unwavering commitment to the Roman Catholic Church. According to Dr. Albert Mohler, “The Roman Catholic Church believes that evangelicals are in spiritual danger for obstinately and disobediently excluding ourselves from submission to its universal claims and its papacy. Evangelicals are concerned that Catholics are in spiritual danger for their submission to these very claims. We both understand what is at stake.” This should not surprise any Christian. After all, the Pope is Catholic! What are some basic issues that a believer should know about the Pope and how should we respond to him? To answer these types of questions, a good place to start is by reading Al Mohler’s “The Pope Comes to America — Evangelical Thoughts.”

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