The Conclusion of PhD Seminar on Biblical Creationism


I lead a seminar on Biblical Creationism (see this post) at Central Baptist Seminary that finished earlier this month with our final classroom meeting. However, I did not complete grading their papers until last evening. I am glad to wrap up this profitable seminar.

The three students in my class turned in their required papers for the class on October 4 and profitably interacted with each required subject and their fellow students (to see course requirements, go here). The three PhD students pictured above (from left to right, Brett Williams, Mark Bruffey, and Christopher Watson) did a good job in meeting the requirements for this seminar. The work of each man made this a profitable seminar on biblical creationism. I am thankful that Central Baptist Seminary, like Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, takes a solid position on the biblical doctrine of creation that is foundational for other major biblical doctrines.

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  1. C A Watson says

    Sorry we broke your camera when you took the picture! We may even reduce the reads on your blog until the pic is taken down…The three ugliest mugs in MN ending up on a blog in MI…What is this world coming to?

    Great class. Thanks what you did in running it.

  2. says

    Chris, the picture is my fault. I believe I used my iPhone camera and I had not played with it enough to know how to effectively use it.

    You, Brett and Mark made the seminar go well. I suspect the profitability of seminar is because all of you are PhD students.

    Kudos and thanks for the response.

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